Video: Solid wood passive house – 90% more energy efficient

The Symonds Passive House is 90% more energy efficient, solar powered and built out of solid wood (cross-laminated timber) and one of the most beautiful super energy efficient homes we’ve seen at Green Energy Futures.

EduTOX Video Challenge

If you like making videos and you want to be part of making our world a healthier place, the EduTOX Video Challenge may just be for you.

High-tech conservation

In recent years there have been huge advances in the technology of field-based inventory and mapping. For NCC in BC, all field based inventory and mapping is now completed using the common iPad.

Webinar: Spitfire Strategies on “Planning to Win”

Participants will be walked through Planning to Win, a free online tool that breaks down issue or advocacy campaign planning into six steps. The new tool, a revised version of the popular Just Enough Planning Guide, can help staff more effectively use campaigns to advance their goals.