Canada hits a home run for biodiversity conservation

After Canada’s Federal Government commits biodiversity conservation, it’s time for Ontario and other provinces and territories to follow suit.


Supercharge Your Purpose: Communications Training Webinars

Second Revolution Communications, along with the Sustainability Network, is pleased to host two upcoming webinars, for those with beginner to intermediate knowledge, that will build your organization’s marketing and communication capacity to maximize your public engagement and fundraising activities. Engineering Effective Events | Tues Feb 27 – 1-2:30pm ET In this webinar, you’ll learn how to turn…

Climate Change and Canadians: New Public Opinion Research by EcoAnalytics

On February 14, 2018 (1-2 pm ET), Sustainability Network & EcoAnalytics will host a webinar about new climate action policies and how Canadians’ attitudes and beliefs change about climate. The webinar, presented by the Université de Montréal’s Dr. Erick Lachapelle and James Boothroyd of EcoAnalytics, evaluates these federal policies and the most powerful narrative frames to…

The Story of Building Ontario’s Bruce Trail

Toronto – The famous Bruce Trail, Canada’s oldest and longest marked footpath, snakes its way all the way from Niagara’s wine country to the tip of the Bruce Peninsula,  at Tobermory. Stretching almost 900 kilometres, with roughly 400 kilometres of side trails, the trail offers magnificent hikes along forested cliffs and valleys of the Niagara Escarpment, a…

Environmental Sustainability Report – University of Waterloo

From our old stomping grounds….   Each year, Waterloo publishes a summary of the actions that students, staff and faculty have taken across campus to reduce our environmental impact. From new research projects to student events to ongoing changes to policy and practice, it is inspiring to see the dedication and involvement of so many…

Youth-Led Great Waters Challenge launches across Canada

Toronto – The Great Waters Challenge, an online Canada-wide game to engage youth and schools in water celebrations, is officially re-launching. The Challenge offers a way to inspire youth to uncover water stories in their community, which showcases how Canada’s identity is tied directly to our great waters. From traditional Indigenous knowledge to scientific discoveries, youth…

EthicalTree hopes to connect ethically-oriented consumers and businesses

Ottawa – While studying international development and entrepreneurship at the University of Ottawa, Frank Ferris saw a huge gap between the number of ethically-oriented consumers and the available resources for helping them find businesses and products they wanted. That realization would eventually lead to, an online resource for aligning those consumers with the businesses…

Video: Providing new farmers with resources, tools and support to get started

This video features “Exploring Your New Farm Dream” graduate Tamas Dombi, farmer and owner of Kind Organics. FarmStart’s goal is to encourage and support a new generation of farmers to develop locally oriented, ecologically sound and economically viable enterprises. Their aim is to provide new farmers with the resources, tools and support necessary to get…

Ontario finally ends controversial hunt of snapping turtles

April 7, 2017 Toronto – Conservation groups in Ontario are applauding the provincial government’s decision to end hunting of snapping turtles. Ontario lists the snapping turtle as a species of “special concern,” which means that although it is not yet endangered or threatened, a combination of biological characteristics and identified threats, including hunting, could endanger or…

Niagara Community Tree Plant – May 6, 2017

Green your local community by joining Forests Ontario, Ontario Wood, TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, and Niagara Parks Commission, on May 6th for the 9th Annual Community Planting Weekend.

York Region Community Tree Plant – May 6, 2017

Take part in the 9th Annual Community Planting Weekend, a half-day planting event brings together families, friends and community members for a chance to contribute to a meaningful project that offers environmental benefits for all Ontarians!

Cambridge Community Tree Plant – May 6, 2017

Green your local community by joining Forests Ontario, Grand River Conservation Authority, and TD Friends of the Environment Foundation for the 9th Annual Community Planting Weekend.

Ajax Community Plant – April 22, 2017

The Community Tree Plant brings together families, community members and volunteers to take part in a half-day tree planting activity, promoting local engagement and environmental awareness.