Lawyers say two board members for Energy East pipeline review are biased

Conservation groups urge compromised Board members to step down from the National Energy Board panel for the Energy East pipeline.

Community Tree Plant in Boucherville – June 18, 2016

Play a part in “greening” your local community by joining Honda Canada Foundation, Forest Recovery Canada, Soverdi, and the Services Animaliers de la Rive-Sud on Saturday, June 18th for the Community Planting Weekend.

Community Planting Event Quebec – June 20, 2015

Join Forests Ontario, Forest Recovery Canada and their partners, including event supporters Honda, City of Boucherville, and Soverdi on June 20th. Take part in a free workshop that will provide participants with a practical and hands-on opportunity to learn about tree planting!

Like oil and water: Quebec’s conflicting green politics

The current provincial election campaign in Quebec has no shortage of hot-button topics – from the usual questions about sovereignty, nationalism and the economy to the apparently burning issue of who in the province is allowed to wear a hijab – but the environment has thus far not been one of them. Provincial premier and Parti Québecois…

Interim Secretary – Eeyou Marine Region Impact Review Board and Eeyou Marine Region Planning Commission

The EMRPC and EMRIRB are jointly seeking a qualified individual to serve as the Regional Planner in their office in Chisasibi. The Regional Planner will report to the chairpersons of the two EMR entities and will play a key role in the environmental impact screening and review of development projects proposed for the region and will also be responsible for assisting the EMRPC in developing a Land Use Plan for the Eeyou Marine Region.

Closing date: February 28, 2014

Protests shine spotlight on skewed priorities

When I heard about the student protests in Montreal, I swallowed the line that Quebec’s pampered youth pay lower fees than those in other parts of Canada but aren’t aware…

Francophone institution gains recognition for its environmental & wildlife management program

The Cégep de Saint-Félicien is proud to announce that it has become the first francophone educational institution in the country to receive national recognition from the Canadian Environmental Accreditation Commission (CEAC) of the Environmental Careers Organization (ECO) Canada for its program inTechniques du milieu naturel (environmental and wildlife management).

Les sites contaminés : gestion des risques associés aux projets / Contaminated Sites: Managing Project Risks

21 mars 2011 – Montréal, Québec. Le déjeuner donne l’occasion aux spécialistes en environnement de réseauter et d’apprendre des spécialistes du secteur. Cette année, le thème portera sur les sites contaminés : gestion des risques associés aux projets. Les invités discuteront des modifications aux règlements et des politiques touchant le travail dans les sites contaminés au Québec, des astuces pour évaluer les risques des projets et de la mise en œuvre des stratégies de gestion du risque ainsi que des leçons tirées des projets de sites contaminés. Après une brève allocution thématique et une discussion en groupe, les participants auront l’occasion de poser des questions.