About our Initiative

Original logo of thegreenpages.ca
Original logo of thegreenpages.ca in 1998
We are Canada’s environmental social network!

The environmental movement in Canada is best described as a vast collective of small community groups, non-profit organizations, researchers, students and individual citizens who all share a concern for the environment and a passion for sustainable living. This enormous (and growing) movement is a grassroots phenomenon, built and sustained from the bottom up.

As the Internet continues to evolve, traditional modes of networking for environmental groups must be updated to stay relevant. The goal of thegreenpages.ca is to provide a web-based network where Canadian organizations and community groups can share information and maintain valuable connections with like-minded people.

thegreenpages.ca is an interactive resource, highlighting the latest environmental news, events and stories from across Canada in one place.

Our philosophy is simple: to collect and archive environmental information and resources to help ordinary Canadians make sustainable life-style choices.

So, come meet the people and the organizations behind our network, browse our special collection at our book store, check out the latest green videos on the web, and see our curated media feed at thegreenjournal.ca. Also check out thegreensearch.ca – Canada’s environmental search engine.

Our History

Founded in 1997, in the dorm room of an environmental studies student at the University of Waterloo, thegreenpages.ca is a grassroots web phenomenon powered by a social network of passionate volunteers.

It began with a large collection of links and grew into an interactive portal highlighting the latest in environment news, events and stories from across Canada. The website created opportunities for students, organizations and community groups to voice their opinions and share information, and today it is a virtual “library” of ideas, success stories, snap-shots from the past, and inspiration.

What makes this resource stand out from the rest is the network of individuals who contribute to the site – from environmental researchers and students to NGOs and professional industry groups.

The technology…

Our site is powered by WordPress and hosted on Canadian servers. Our web properties are managed with Netfirms.ca. Our bookstore is powered by Amazon.ca, and our massive web search-lens thegreensearch.ca is powered by Google.


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