Send us your stories

Since we opened up shop, we have been overwhelmed with emails asking us to help share media releases, articles, photographs, and videos from concerned citizens, communities and environmental organizations from across Canada. network helps facilitate this process through this web site and various social networks.

Ways to share
We are always looking for writers and bloggers looking to share their views and experiences. See below for guidelines on how to contribute to network.

Previous contributors have written about a wide range of topics such as greening their home, sustainable shopping, reviews about events, workshops, books and much more.

Submitting your stories

You may use our online contact forms to submit your story, letter, event or whatever – simply Contact us and we’ll take it from there. If you would like to submit an original article or press release for posting on network, please send to:

Contributor guidelines

  • Articles must be related to the environment and preferably within a Canadian context.
  • Content should be original for (We may consider stories that were published elsewhere, but request to be notified before we post your story.)
  • Please ensure stories are concise – 250 to 500 words is the normal range.
  • Give your article a short and catchy title – try to keep it 8 words or less.
  • If applicable, provide pictures if you have permission to use them. (Please provide photo credits as well.)
  • Don’t forget to provide web links.

Becoming a regular contributor

Would you like to join community and comment on environmental news and stories?

Once we get to know you a little better – after submitting a few original stories and ideas to us – we may want to create a publisher account for you. That means you could blog directly onto our site. All we ask is that you follow the guidelines for posts, laid out above, and that your stories are original.

Your post would be instantly published on our website and accessible as part of Canada’s environmental information archives. Contact us for more information.

Opportunity for regional reporters

Our goal at network is to feature perspectives, stories and environmental news and events from every corner of the country. The problem is we only have so many contributors located in so many places.

Would you like to become a regional reporter based in your home province? If you’re interested in becoming a regular contributor, it might help if you can also tell us why should be posting more news from your area. We’d love to get you involved in the network!

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