Solar Roadways: Great idea or wishful thinking?

Oregon’s innovative highways and the long road to solar success.

Video: EV Confusion? Jessi Cruickshank Breaks Down the Misconcept

Shared by WWF Canada on 5 Mar 2014 – There is a lot of confusion about electric vehicles (EV) out there: limited range, long charging time and high costs. TV personality and WWF supporter Jessi Cruickshank breaks down these silly misconceptions and talks about why EVs are more affordable and practical than ever. Learn more…

David Suzuki: Will thorium save us from climate change?

All nuclear power remains expensive, unwieldy and difficult to integrate with intermittent renewables – and carries risks for weapons proliferation. But if the choice is between keeping nuclear power facilities running or shutting them down and replacing them with coal-fired power plants, the nuclear option is best for the climate.

Open House at Canada’s Greenest Home

Come and tour Canada’s Greenest Home! See its straw bale walls, clay plasters, solar panels, composting toilets, rainwater harvesting, air source heat pump, non-toxic finishes and more!

Bean leaves, bedbugs and biomimicry

Scientists often come up with new discoveries, technologies or theories. But sometimes they rediscover what our ancestors already knew. A couple of recent findings show we have a lot to learn from our forebears – and nature – about bugs.