For the media

For the media, public relations specialists, outreach coordinators, marketing gurus, community evangelists, site animators, local city bloggers, ravens, connectors, et al.

We’ll take your media releases on to a whole new level!

Send us your environmental news releases, events and stories.

It’s absolutely free and we will post it up for everyone to read, share and comment on. Your news release on will remain archived on our network, and we are always happy to update it or delete it according to your wishes.

Email your media releases to our “media” mail box address “@”, or use our main contact form. Your article can be as long as you want, and feel free to provide photos as well. We reserve the right to edit your release for style and space, but if it’s useful environmental information for our readers, we’ll be sure to publish it.

By submitting your media releases and stories, you allow

  • to post your information on our web site indefinitely along with any accompanying digital assets such as photos, videos, audio clips and text documents.
  • to post a related and appropriate Creative Commons licensed photo or image (if no related files have been submitted to us).
  • to receive, moderate and display visitor feedback at the bottom of your post. We encourage original authors or submission holders to respond and contribute feedback as well (such as responding to visitor questions, providing article updates and/or related information).

Interested in a media partnership with

If you’re trying to publicize an ongoing project, we would love help you get the word out. For as little as a link on your website, we will post your news and updates on our site.

Simply contact us and let us know what kind of partnership you have in mind.

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