Canada Submits Low Reduction Target to U.N. Climate Talks

Delegates at the United Nations climate talks, held August 11-14 in Bonn, submitted CO2 reduction targets that fell short of cuts — between 25 and 40 percent — outlined by a U.N. panel of scientists. Industrialized nations, excluding the U.S., have only planned to reduce greenhouse gas emissions between 15 and 20 percent below 1990-levels…

KYOTOplus: Change Canadian Policy to Adopt Kyoto Protocol

A petition by the Council of Canadians for politicians to support the 2nd phase of the Kyoto Protocol this December 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark: KYOTOplus: Climate Action Now!  Petition Faced with climate change and diminishing resources globally, we are at a critical juncture for energy policy. Now, more than ever, we need a Canadian Energy…

How Cap-and-Trade Could Replace Foreign Aid

Developing countries could earn tens of billions of dollars from pollution credits thanks to climate change?and make foreign aid a thing of the past in the process. Read on…

Welcome to the New Climate

Climate change is no longer a vague threat. A new Globe polls finds that 4 out of 5 Canadians say they’ve seen it first-hand. Read the Globe’s Full Report…

The greening of the oil sands

Thursday at lunchtime, it’s 4 Celsius outside Robert Mansell’s office at the University of Calgary, right in line with the balmy January temperatures straight across Canada, from Vancouver to Halifax.

Will Environmental Policy Shift with New Minister?

With today?s appointment of John Baird as environment minister, the Conservative government has a new opportunity to deliver regulations and programs that protect Canada?s ecosystems and meet our international obligations.

Environment top priority, PM says

In a year-end interview, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said today that the environment is now among his top priorities and signalled that he will make major improvements to the much-maligned clean air plan he tabled this fall.

Shell CEO berates America for spurning Kyoto

The chief executive for Shell berated Washington on Monday for spurning the United Nation’s Kyoto agreement on global warming, saying U.S. backing for a global regulatory framework would create incentives for oil companies to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Kyoto retreat could hurt economy

Canada’s repudiation of its commitments under the Kyoto Protocol could harm its economy in coming years, warns the head of the United Nations Environment Program.

Harper ‘twiddling his thumbs’ on climate change: Graham

Interim Liberal Leader Bill Graham and Bloc Qu?b?cois Leader Gilles Duceppe accused Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Thursday of “twiddling his thumbs” on climate change as a majority of Canadians say their concerns about the environment continue to increase.