Carbon Neutral Love, Soup’s Ready, Jobs – GC News #636

636: 15 June 2009 Published by Green Communities Canada

WELL ATTENDED. Windfall Ecology Centre Festival was a huge success. Ten thousands attendees showed a keen interest in home performance evaluations and well assessments, and bought 40 rain barrels. EcoDriver’s Hybrid Alley showcased eight hybrid vehicles and booked test-drives for local dealers.

TREE NEWS. The public can provide input at Peterborough Green Up’s Urban Forest Strategic Plan Open House, 18 June … Don’t miss the Treasured Tree Walk on 20 June … Treasured Trees can be nominated until 1 July … Release of Ecology Park nature album Song Gardens, 21 June. Album was recorded using a solar digital system.

SOUP’S READY! Équiterre’s program À la soupe! promotes a healthy, sustainable and responsible diet in schools and hospitals by pairing them with local farms: 74 institutions are partnered with 16 organic farms in nine regions. Donations are required to continue the project.

ECODRIVING. An EcoDriver workshop attracted 55 people at St. Paul Green Group (United Church) in Hamilton … Hamilton Public Works printed 1500 EcoDriver Tips Cards to be distributed directly to Public Works drivers by Central Fleets.

BOOKS. The Sustainability Champion’s Guidebook: How to Transform your Company provides a compelling business case for embracing sustainability. By Bob Willard, a Durham Sustain-Ability Board member … Why Your World is About to Get a Whole Lot Smaller: Oil and the End of Globalization says that change from global to local economies will come by necessity.

INSPIRED TO ACTION. Following an Ontarians Walking Now workshop, attendees put together a plan to transform a desolate beach in Blind River into a great walking place. The recommendation was accepted by town council pending a budget review. "A factor in the success of the proposal was the fact that five of the key decision makers, including the mayor, were inspired by the OWN workshop," says Mandy Johnson, consultant with Green Communities Canada walking programs.

SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES. EQuilibriumTM Communities Initiative provides financial, technical and promotional assistance to sustainable community projects chosen through a national competition. A call for project submissions will be issued this summer.

CALL FOR NOMINATIONS. Canadian Award for Environmental Innovation recognizes outstanding individuals in business, government, academia or community organizations whose innovative contributions bring environmental change. Deadline June 30.

POWER WEBINAR. Clean Communities: Financing that drives renewable energy and energy efficiency uptake showcases Canadian and US initiatives including Climate Smart Loan Program, PowerHouse andLocal Improvement Charges. 25 June.

LED WORKSHOP. The market for LED-based general lighting is expected to grow to $7 billion in 2009. Industry leaders and academic researchers offer an in-depth insight into emerging trends: LED and OLED technologies; SSL product development and application; research and development funding opportunities. Toronto, 29 June.

WEB-BASED CONFERENCE. The Canadian Waterscape in a Changing Climate looks at the potential impacts of climate change on water availability and community-based water surveillance. Toll-free teleconference with Internet visual presentation. 17 June.

FOOD COSTS. US food security expert says that the cost of a recession-fighting, health-promoting, global-warming-averting diet is about $10 extra a month … Canada’s food system is not sustainable says the head of Toronto-based Local Food Plus.

CARBON NEUTRAL LOVE. Green speed-dating events bring together single people who care about the environment and believe in sustainability.

JOBS. Green Party of Canada, Executive Director. Toronto, no due date … Water Matters, Water Policy and Program Coordinator. Canmore, due 9 July. … Polaris Institute, Assistant Water and Energy Campaigner. Ottawa, due 26 June.

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