Talking About Not Talking to BC’s Environment Minister

  Our latest episode of Skaana was supposed to be an interview with BC Environment Minister, George Heyman. So was last month’s episode. So was our year-end episode.

For that matter, we were also trying to interview the Environment Minister during the last election campaign when he was the environment critic.

George Heyman is Skaana’s answer to Godot.

His staff keeps agreeing that he’ll talk to us and then, like Lucy playing football with Charlie Brown, they move the ball at the last moment.

They finally sent me an email saying the Minister would never talk to me because… they never said why… you’ll have to ask them.

So I talked about that email on a recent podcast, posted it on Facebook and lo and behold, the Minister’s office contacts me to line up an interview ASAP.

In the words of a million Upworthy videos… you won’t believe what happened next!

Here’s our latest podcast and a YouTube version.


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