Workshop: Water & Growth: Niagara Escarpment

View from Rattlesnake Point, Milton, Canada.
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Milton –  Ontario youth between 18-35 are invited to attend the Water & Growth: Exploring Prosperity, Protection and Paradox along the Niagara Escarpment workshop October 28th, 2011 – October 30th, 2011 to learn about the relationship between economic growth and ecosystem protection.  Attendees should want to practice leadership that builds on collective creativity, diversity and intelligence towards a balanced conversation around water and growth in Ontario.

The workshop includes a number of themes including watershed protection, resource management, Aboriginal perspectives, stakeholder relations, community engagement and public policy – with the aim of a balanced overview of how diverse groups can work together to manage economic growth and ecosystem protection.

Applications for attendees must be received by October 5th.

The Workshop is being put on my Waterlution in conjunction with the Canadian Water Network and the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

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