New community based freshwater monitoring launches in Canada

World-leading Canadian environmental DNA technology will be used to fill freshwater data gaps.

Video: EV Confusion? Jessi Cruickshank Breaks Down the Misconcept

Shared by WWF Canada on 5 Mar 2014 – There is a lot of confusion about electric vehicles (EV) out there: limited range, long charging time and high costs. TV personality and WWF supporter Jessi Cruickshank breaks down these silly misconceptions and talks about why EVs are more affordable and practical than ever. Learn more…

Canadians for the Great Bear

Canadian hockey hero Scott Niedermayer and other well-known British Columbians kick-off of a nation-wide campaign, Canadians for the Great Bear.

Video: Tagging Narwhal in the Arctic

Shared by wwfcanada on Oct 13, 2011 WWF-Canada‘s species expert, Dr. Peter Ewins, went up to Tremblay Sound in Nunavut, Canada, to help researchers tag narwhal with GPS radio collars so that they can monitor their movements and analyze how climate change is affecting their behaviours. Related articles Scientists launch arctic search to find narwhals ( Tracking of […]

Protection for Arctic Wildlife Sanctuaries Announced

Canada’s Environment Minister John Baird, and Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. Acting President, James Eetoolook, today announced the establishment of three new National Wildlife Areas on and around Baffin Island, protecting local species and habitat including the bowhead whale.