Lax drinking water standards put Canadians at risk

Canada has no standard for more than 100 substances regulated by at least one other comparison country.

It’s in our nature to be healthy

One of the joys of being a grandparent is getting to see the world again through the eyes of a child. Recently, I found my three-year-old grandson picking at a…

Environmental Groups Claim Victory for Pesticide Bans

Environmental groups are claiming an important victory for the right of municipalities and provinces to ban dangerous pesticides. Dow AgroSciences has backed away from its longstanding dispute with Quebec’s cosmetic pesticides ban under NAFTA. In a settlement reached between Dow and the Canadian government, Dow waived its legal actions and claims and accepted no compensation, implicitly […]

Public Health and Climate Change – March 31, 2011 at 7pm

Climate change, extreme weather events and sea-level rise threaten large populations around the world. Important vulnerabilities for public health in this changing environment are air quality, extreme heat and drinking water. Join UBC and SFU health scientists to learn more about the well-being of public health in context of anticipated climate change impacts.