Supercharging Your Purpose — The Four Communications Skills that Drive Organizational Success

Second Revolution Communications is pleased to host this presentation series, geared to those with beginner to intermediate knowledge of marketing and communications, that builds your organization’s marketing and communication capacity so you can maximize your public engagement and fundraising activities.

Economic Literacy for ENGO Leaders and Allies

The ELP is a series of six, 1/2 day training workshops in Toronto that will build ENGO capacity by increasing understanding of economic concepts and their role in a green economy.

Authentic Volunteer Engagement: Planning & Recruitment

Using peer learning exercises, class discussions, and expert speakers, Anna Liza Badaloo helps you learn how to connect more authentically with volunteers and strengthen your organization’s volunteer program. The first session on June 8 focuses on recruitment techniques and how to make your organization volunteer-ready; later sessions will focus on orientation and training (July 20), recognition and building the relationship (September 14), and supervision and evaluation (October 12).

Wild Food in the City

In this 3 hour workshop at Kilborn Allotment Gardens in Ottawa, you can learn about common, safe, non-toxic weeds and plants that have a long history of use as food and medicine.