Turbines Impress Officials?

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A story posted on behalf of Gregory Scratch, from
Blenheim, ON.
in response to “Turbines impress officials; C-K councilors visit Port Burwell facility.

Hello.  I live in Chatham-Kent, in the southwestern part of Ontario, near Point Pelee National park anf Rondeau Provincial Park, major centres for bird watching. There is a rush on here to pass zoning changes allowing over 40% of our area to be covered by 600-1000 industrial wind turbines.  This cannot be good for migratory birds, to say the least.

I am part of a group here fighting the re-zoning, but would request your advice or help as we are hitting deaf ears.  The local council is poised to pass the changes on March 25th, 2008!! I can send copies of what i have written and research done from the internet.  Is there anything you can do to help avert this dilemma?

Thank you so much,

Gregory Scratch

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