Our Nature to Conserve: Exploring the Headwaters

Join Credit Valley Conservation for their annual Stewardship Forum on Saturday, October 3 from 8:30 am – 2:30 pm.


Stream Restoration Assistant- Cheticamp River Salmon Association

In this position, you will be mainly responsible for helping with habitat restoration work (e.g., installing in-stream structures, clearing blockages to improve fish passage, stabilizing eroding stream banks) and ecological monitoring (e.g., taking measurements on channel width & depth, collecting water quality data) on Aucoin Brook, a tributary of the Cheticamp River.
Deadline to apply: May 31st 2015

The Water and Environmental Hub (WEHUB) project

The Water and Environmental Hub (WEHUB) project is an open cloud-based web platform that aggregates, federates, and connects water data and information with users looking to search, discover, download, analyze, model and interpret water and environmental-based information.

Waterlution: The Future of Water

Waterlution is a water learning organization that engages youth on several water-related topics, and the group has several exciting events happening in 2009. They will be hosting their annual The Future of Water workshop series, featuring activities throughout Canada. To look for events and workshops in your region, click on the link above and search throughout the country. You can also check…