B.C. residents fighting coal port want day in court

Case against Fraser Surrey Docks coal port needs its day in court, local groups say.

Troc-Exchange explores the virtues of collaborative consumption

Troc-Exchange, a Vancouver-based online business that connects communities for trading or swapping goods, has announced the launch of its values-driven bartering website with hopes of reinventing the way we consume.

Christine and Yvan Saché were inspired to create Troc-Exchange.com in Paris, after seeing that unsustainable lifestyles were increasingly causing stress in their beautiful city. When they were no longer able to live with the environmental issues they confronted daily, they decided to make a change a… Read more..

Canadians for the Great Bear

Canadian hockey hero Scott Niedermayer and other well-known British Columbians kick-off of a nation-wide campaign, Canadians for the Great Bear.

SpOIL (2011) Directed by Trip Jennings

To mobilize against the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline, the International League of Conservation Photographers and members of the Gitga’ at First Nation capture breathtaking images of the wildlife inhabiting BC’s Great Bear Rainforest, home of the elusive spirit bear.

The Pacific Herring

Shared by DavidSuzukiFDN on Mar 13, 2012 David Suzuki Foundation Sustainable Fisheries Analyst explains why the spring arrival of spawning herring is the ecological event of the year on the Pacific North Coast. Read more. Related articles David Suzuki: Canada must do more to protect its oceans (straight.com) Climate Leadership Ensures A Better Future (publication) (pembina.org) More related…

UBC named Canada’s first Fair Trade Campus

The University of British Columbia has been named Canada’s first “Fair Trade Campus” – and will get its very own blend of ethically sourced coffee – as a result of its national leadership on Fair Trade purchasing.