US senate passes watershed legislation affecting BC’s Flathead Valley

The legislation not only protects over 600,000 acres of land in the US, but also achieves mining and energy ban in transnational Flathead Valley.

Walkability Case Study, On-Bill Financing, Time to Vote – GCNews #781

781: 16 July 2012 – Published by Green Communities Canada WALKABILITY. The case studies from the Alberta 2011 Walkability Roadshow are now online. A Walkability Roadshow provides a framework for the participating communities to create locally endorsed pedestrian strategies and realistic action plans. Green Communities and Walk21 partnered with Alberta Health Services and five communities…

Citizens Climate Lobby proposes Save Our Climate Act in US

As the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions grows more evident each week, Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL), a US-based group, welcomed the introduction of Rep. Pete Stark’s (D-CA) Save Our Climate Act as a critical step in efforts to stop the worst effects of climate change south of the border. “We’re running out of time…

Politicians who reject science are not fit to lead – Science Matters

By David Suzuki with Dr. Faisal Moola. My life as a scientist got its boost in the United States. I was attending college in Massachusetts in 1957 on a scholarship when the Soviet Union launched the first Sputnik satellite. The event also launched the space race between the U.S.S.R. and the U.S., as the Americans started pouring money into the sciences in an attempt to catch up.