David Suzuki: China’s disastrous pollution problem is a lesson for all

We may never experience the kind of deadly pollution China is struggling with, but we can do a lot to make sure our air, water and soil are as clean as possible.

Video: EV Confusion? Jessi Cruickshank Breaks Down the Misconcept

Shared by WWF Canada on 5 Mar 2014 – There is a lot of confusion about electric vehicles (EV) out there: limited range, long charging time and high costs. TV personality and WWF supporter Jessi Cruickshank breaks down these silly misconceptions and talks about why EVs are more affordable and practical than ever. Learn more…

Scotiabank offers Canadians new loans to purchase green vehicles

Scotiabank today announced its new EcoLiving Auto Loan program for Canadians who are considering the purchase of eco-friendly cars. The program provides highly competitive loan pricing on a wide array of 2011 and 2012 hybrid, electric and clean diesel vehicles.

They say radical; we say rational

We’re not about to quit oil cold turkey. Does that mean we should continue with business as usual? In Canada, "business as usual" means rapidly increasing oil sands exploitation and…

Bicycling infrastructure pays dividends – Science Matters

Most arguments against bike lanes are absurd. Consider this: We have wide roads everywhere to accommodate cars, most of which carry only one person. On either side of many of those roads, we have pedestrian sidewalks. In most large urban areas, we also have bus lanes and transit systems such as subways and rapid transit. When cyclists ride on roads, drivers often get annoyed. If they ride on sidewalks, pedestrians rightly get angry.

Road Pricing and Smart Growth: Transport Futures Forum

Given the importance of Ontario’s Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe, Greenbelt Act and Metrolinx’s “Big Move”, could road pricing help the province meet density targets, accelerate transit-oriented development, convert brownfields and protect green space?

New Report: Saving Money and Time with Active School Travel

Toronto – As schools across Ontario mark International Walk to School Day, a new report is calling on the provincial government and school boards to take steps to ensure that more children have the option to safely walk to school every day of the year.

Can our cities be “Saved by Bikes”?

SavedByBikes.com: A new approach for an old problemBy Nathan Shaw A bicycle is not just a bicycle to Steve Inniss. It’s our future. Tucked away in one of Canada’s busiest office towers in downtown Toronto, Inniss has just opened a new store that aims to change the face of North American commuting and make us…

Green highway plan gains traction

Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach is intrigued by his Saskatchewan counterpart’s vision for environmentally friendly highways across the nation, but is holding back approval until more details come out.