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Louisiana Pacific Seeks to Decommission Pollution Abatement Equipment

Comment: By Don Sullivan, Executive Director of the Boreal Forest Network Back in the 1990s when Louisiana Pacific (LP) wanted to construct a new Oriented Strand Board (OSB) plant near Swan River MB., citizens raised legitimate concerns about Louisiana Pacific’s past track record in the United States and the type and amount of toxic chemicals…

JMH Home Environmental Solutions

JMH Home Environmental Solutions offers a proactive approach for the health of your home by identifying potential exposure to toxins and problem areas within your home. For each client, one or more environmental home assessments are carried out, with any findings presented in a detailed report containing extensive analysis of the findings, mitigation suggestions, alternative…

It’s David vs. Goliath in organics

From his small farm in the heart of Ontario’s Mennonite country, Wolfgang Pfenning is doing his best to fend off the wave of organic produce coming into Canada from California and what is being called “the pathology of bigness.”