Great public transit makes for a great city

Most cities in Canada and the U.S. are lacking in infrastructure to move millions of people safely and affordably. With some notable exceptions, such as Vancouver and Calgary, no successful rapid transit infrastructure projects have been built in Canadian cities for decades.

The Carbon Rush

The Carbon Rush, a new documentary directed by Amy Miller, counters the propaganda around carbon-trading by featuring the voices of those most affected.

The Edible Tree Tour

Each year Toronto’s urban forest produces millions of pounds of edible treats. Follow your taste buds through Toronto’s urban forest and discover what appetizing delights await you in its canopy.

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Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project deepens its roots with 100 park projects

Toronto, – May 22, 2012 – With more than 900 Canadians stepping up to restore 10 green spaces across Canada in 2011, the Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project is finding more ways to make our awesome land even better this summer by hosting 100 greening projects across the country—a ten-fold increase over the previous year….

Cool Roof Summit² in Toronto

The Cool Roof Summit² will feature industry experts speaking on the benefits of the emerging technology known as Reflective White Roofs, which lower heating and cooling bills to save building owners and operators significant amounts of money.

Brick by Brick: The Story of Evergreen Brick Works

Brick by Brick: The Story of Evergreen Brick Works is a one-hour documentary that chronicles the transformation of a 125-year-old former industrial site into a multimillion-dollar ecological and cultural centre, the first of its kind in the world.

Toronto 2011 Weekend to End Women’s Cancers

For the 2nd year in a row I walked in the Weekend to End Women’s Cancer walk. Last year I did the full 2 day 60 km journey. This year we did the 1 day 35km walk (because seriously my feet still have not healed from last year). Last year I blogged about the environmental impacts of the walk. I am happy to say that there were a few improvements this year!