David Suzuki: Transit investments drive positive change

Effective transit and transportation solutions can spur economic productivity, protect the environment and improve quality of life.

Great public transit makes for a great city

Most cities in Canada and the U.S. are lacking in infrastructure to move millions of people safely and affordably. With some notable exceptions, such as Vancouver and Calgary, no successful rapid transit infrastructure projects have been built in Canadian cities for decades.

Scotiabank offers Canadians new loans to purchase green vehicles

Scotiabank today announced its new EcoLiving Auto Loan program for Canadians who are considering the purchase of eco-friendly cars. The program provides highly competitive loan pricing on a wide array of 2011 and 2012 hybrid, electric and clean diesel vehicles.

Fund new subway line, Ottawa told

Toronto and York Region leaders are urging Ottawa to help fund the extension of the Spadina subway line after Finance Minister Jim Flaherty hinted the federal government was wavering on the issue.