ECO-Gamification: Can we “play” our way to a more sustainable future?

Explore how ‘eco-gamification’ can be a powerful tool for encouraging and increasing participation in sustainable behaviours. Join us in an engaging session with Paula Owen, recipient of the 2012 London (UK) Leaders for Sustainability award for inspiring Londoners to lead more sustainable lives.

David Suzuki: Big-picture thinking needed to protect nature

Before we take from nature to create wealth and employment, we should first consider what must be retained to sustain both wildlife and the well-being of local communities, such as clean air, safe drinking water and healthy local food.

The Agitator’s Library

With the worldwide explosion of the Occupy movement, and related Indignado protests in Europe, renewed attention has focused on the possibility of a new high water mark in the push for social change. Each of these four books approaches issues of social change from different perspectives, all drawing from a similarly rich vein of wisdom and experience. ”Click through for our full review…

Students at Endeavour Centre to build Canada’s Greenest Home

As part of the Sustainable New Construction: Building a New Future program, students at Endeavour will take on the role of lead builders on a single family residence — a 2,000-square-foot, two-story home that will be built on an infill lot in an older neighbourhood near downtown Peterborough.

Open House at REEP House for Sustainable Living

REEP House for Sustainable Living is open to the public on a drop-in basis every Saturday. Drop in and experience REEP’s super-insulated, water-wise century brick home and education centre.

Don’t say the D-word – Science Matters

A kerfuffle is raised every time a comedian, politician, or businessperson uses the F-word or the N-word. I understand that. But to me, the D-word is the most obscene. I’m referring to disposable. Let me explain.

Call for Papers: Ecocultures 2012: Transitions to Sustainability

Ecocultures 2012: Transitions to Sustainability A Conference to take place at the University of Essex, 17th -18th April 2012 Ecocultures are communities from whom we can learn the art and science of sustainable living. The aim of Ecocultures 2012 is to advance knowledge of how communities adapt successfully to social-ecological change, maintain resilience and enhance […]

Call for Papers: Sustainable Futures for Global Cities and Suburbs

The National Center for Suburban Studies at Hofstra University and Hofstra Cultural Center in partnership with Columbia University Center for Sustainable Urban Development and New York University Center for the Sustainable Built Environment present: From the Outside In:  Sustainable Futures for Global Cities and Suburbs A Conference at Hofstra University Thursday-Saturday, November 8-10, 2012 This […]