Video: How scientists are projecting future climate change

This video explores how the addition of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere by human beings, has upset a natural balance between ocean, land and atmosphere that has been in place for thousands of years.

Burlington: Our Energy Future

HHEAT Building Community Power Co-operatively Workshop in Burlington! THE HHEAT 3rd and final introductory workshop will be part of the Burlington Green’s AGM.

Free Solar Thermal GreenTech Webinar

Kingspan Solar Inc. will provide an overview of solar thermal hot water heating and their evacuated tube collector Thermomax. This will include how solar thermal works, typical applications, the business case for action and examples of local installations.

Ontario’s Green Energy Act Shines Bright for Solar Industry

  The Canadian Solar Industries Association voiced its support for the Ontario Government’s new Green Energy Act noting the strides that would be made for the province as an international leader. “The proposed changes announced as part of this Act will certainly help build a new clean economy, green collar jobs, as well as creating…

Alberta Solar Decathlon Team

The Solar Decathlon is a high-profile, international competition in which 20 selected teams of university and college students from around the globe compete to design, build and operate the most attractive, practical and energy-efficient solar-powered home. The Alberta Solar Decathlon Team is a unique and dynamic collaboration of students, faculty and staff at the University…

Smart grid needed for green power

The province’s power authority has agreed to buy electricity from 262 newly built or proposed renewable energy projects that together will add more than 1,000 megawatts of capacity to the Ontario grid. A lion’s share of this energy will come from wind and solar farms taking part in the province’s standard offer program, which pays…

STEP: Sustainable Technology Education Project

At the University of Waterloo, there is a group of students who understand that green energy is going to play an integral part in the world’s energy mix throughout the 21st century. The Sustainable Technology Education Project, through demonstration and education, is working actively to promote green energy and sustainable development to a wide audience….

Sault Ste. Marie Set to Become a Solar City

Sault Ste Marie is poised to become home to one of Ontario’s largest solar farms, thanks to the latest contracts signed under the province’s Standard Offer Program. Already a significant solar project comprised of two 10 MW phases when announced in September, plans for the Sault project now include six phases that would contribute 60…

Ontario goes solar

The Ontario government has given approval for a California company to construct a massive solar “farm” near Sarnia that will blanket an area larger than all three Toronto islands with hundreds of thousands of sun-soaking panels. Read the full article… Related articles Ontario Struggles with Solar Boom ( Solar power interest grows in Ontario (…

Tapping sun for water heat

Lost in the hype over solar electricity is the fact there are much easier ways to capture and use the sun’s ample energy.

Investing in clean energy

Investors are falling over themselves to finance start-ups in clean technology, especially in energy. Venture Business Research reckons that investment in the field by venture capitalists and private-equity firms has quadrupled in the past two years, from some $500m in 2004 to almost $2 billion so far this year.

Amory Lovins Q&A on Nuclear Power

The Star recently had the opportunity to speak with Lovins at his office in Snowmass, Colorado. Listen to the podcast or view the text version below.

Ontario offers cash for solar power

The Ontario government will pay homeowners and businesses to produce solar power that they can pump into the province’s electricity grid.