Bruce Power receives $100,000 penalty for environmental violations

Bruce Power pleads guilty in the Ontario Provincial Court of Justice to one count of violating the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA).

Miners stunned, environmentalists cheer after northern uranium project blocked

Miners are stunned and environmentalists cheering over a northern regulator’s recommendation that a uranium exploration project be denied because it threatens the spiritual and cultural well-being of the area’s Dene people. The Mackenzie Valley Environmental Impact Review Board says Ur-Energy’s (TSX:URE) plan to drill up to 20 holes near the Thelon River should not proceed…

Nunavut hails federal fisheries decision

Nunavut’s fishing industry leaders say lobbying Ottawa has finally paid off, after the federal fisheries minister increased the territory’s quota for turbot.

Zinc mine won’t hurt park, say owners

The chairman of a mining company proposing an operation near Nahanni National Park says his company is willing to do whatever is needed to protect the park’s watershed. – CBC

Hearings end with questions about Kyoto, oil sands

The first series of public hearings on the proposed Mackenzie Gas Project wrapped up in Inuvik on Thursday with questions about the Kyoto protocols and lingering concerns about the Alberta oil sands. – CBC