New pattern of humpback whale behavior discovered on BC’s North Coast

A 10-year research study suggests local displacement by human impacts may have more consequences than previously thought for humpback whales.

Protecting Kokanee salmon

Modern research complements traditional First Nations legacy programs in an effort to preserve freshwater salmon in BC.

Video: Tagging Narwhal in the Arctic

Shared by wwfcanada on Oct 13, 2011 WWF-Canada‘s species expert, Dr. Peter Ewins, went up to Tremblay Sound in Nunavut, Canada, to help researchers tag narwhal with GPS radio collars so that they can monitor their movements and analyze how climate change is affecting their behaviours. Related articles Scientists launch arctic search to find narwhals ( Tracking of […]

Boondoggles in the Boreal

A mid-March report — A Forest of Blue: Canada’s Boreal Forest, the World’s Waterkeeper — focuses on the health of our vast northern forest ecosystem, which covers 60% of Canada’s land mass. Issued by the Pew Environment Group (a U.S. organization not without controversy in Canada), the study has nonetheless been endorsed by the International Boreal Conservation Science Panel, whose 14 academics include eight of Canada’s most highly respected scientists, such as Dr. David Schindler of the University of Alberta.

Ranking the most sustainable large Canadian urban centres

Corporate Knights publishes a report entitled “The 2011 Most Sustainable Cities in Canada” . See if your cities made the list. Criteria indicators include: Ecological Integrity, Economic Security, Governance & Empowerment, Infrastructure & Built Environment, and Social Well-being.

Threatened Bears Slaughtered in B.C. Parks

New research shows grizzlies being legally hunted in conservation areas VANCOUVER – Trophy hunters are turning British Columbia’s protected areas into graveyards for grizzlies, despite the province’s reputation as one of the last continental safe havens for the bears, according to new research by the David Suzuki Foundation. The Foundation has identified more than 60…

A New Look for the Environmental Studies Association of Canada

The Environmental Studies Association of Canada is pleased to announce the re-launch of their brand-new website! The new design represents a sleeker, more streamlined way of presenting information to the public. It is updated frequently with important news, upcoming conferences, call for papers and other events that may be of relevant interest to environmental academics….