Youth and Sustainable Consumption

The Canadian Centre for Pollution Prevention (C2P2), through the support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation, is publishing a booklet for youth on the topic of sustainable consumption. Click here to dowload the booklet free.

Wave of raw sewage escapes treatment

The first comprehensive look at the amount of raw sewage flowing into the Great Lakes from cities in Canada and the United States has found that billions of litres are being dumped untreated every year into the sources of drinking water for communities on both sides of the border. Read the article from the globe…

Report warns of another Walkerton

Ontario’s environmental commissioner says changes to farming regulations are actually increasing the likelihood of another tragedy like the Walkerton water crisis.

Toronto toilets dumping sewage into creek

It’s a rather indelicate topic, but sometimes when Toronto residents flush their toilets, the contents don’t go where they should — the local sewage plant. Instead, in a practice more common in developing countries than in Canada’s largest city, the sewage is dumped into the nearest stream.

The religious war on bottled water

Bottled water has never gone down smoothly with many environmentalists, who view it as an extravagantly wasteful way of quenching a thirst, but the product is facing criticism from an unexpected source ? religious groups.