Making sense of environmental issues in the B.C. election

Vancouver, May 6 – With the election less than a week away, voters are still struggling to understand the parties’ environmental platforms. What is the difference between cap and trade and the carbon tax? Do party promises constitute real solutions? West Coast Environmental Law and the Pembina Institute have teamed up to offer voters an…

Moving beyond the carbon tax in B.C.’s election

Opinion article from Peter Robinson, CEO of the David Suzuki Foundation May 6, 2009 – B.C voters can take heart that the environment is a key issue in this election. That all three major parties have made the environment central to their platforms gives citizens the opportunity to push whichever party forms government to follow…

Sharon Labchuk: A Force of Nature Leading the Green Party of PEI

Sharon Labchuk

Sharon Labchuk is a force of nature. She is the founder and leader of the Green Party of PEI. She served as the campaign manager for Elizabeth May’s successful campaign to become leader of the Green Party of Canada. And she served as the Co-Chair of the GPC Shadow Cabinet for the last two years that I was leader of the party.

Climate change czar aims to paint province green

Premier Dalton McGuinty has appointed a climate change czar to lead Ontario’s fight against global warming. Hugh MacLeod’s job will be to make sure the government’s numerous environmental plans – from banning conventional light bulbs to phasing out coal-fired power plants – are actually carried out. Read the full article…

In the 905, guilt nurtures Greens

Conventional wisdom would have us believe that there are urban politics and suburban politics, and that, between the two, the Green party is more appealing to the downtown crowd. But some surprising new polling by Harris/Decima is turning that assumption on its head. In its two most recent surveys of party preference in the GTA,…

Dion pitches environmental tax reform in Alberta

Federal Liberal Leader Stephane Dion wants to green up Alberta’s black gooey oil sands sector with tax cuts for companies that voluntarily reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and use less fresh water. Read more…

Will Environmental Policy Shift with New Minister?

With today?s appointment of John Baird as environment minister, the Conservative government has a new opportunity to deliver regulations and programs that protect Canada?s ecosystems and meet our international obligations.

Turner to help Greens

Elizabeth May’s pitch to become the first Green party MP has received a boost from Commons’ bad boy Garth Turner, who intends to campaign for her today in London.

Greens woo ousted MP Turner

Could Garth Turner, the ejected Conservative from Halton, be the first Green party MP in the House of Commons?

Most provinces still failing on global warming

Most provinces persist in doing little or nothing to address global warming, says a new David Suzuki Foundation analysis of provincial climate change plans. And they?re not getting the push they need from the federal government.

Acts of greenies and meanies

If I were the environment, I’d be ticked off at Stephen Harper. Not for abusing me, for using me. What I mean is: It is now standard for neo-conservative governments to gesture in the direction of the environment while maintaining an underlying contempt.

Environment trips up Tories

In 1989, a Reform party strategist named Stephen Harper sketched out a vision of a new, right-wing political strategy that called for a cautious embrace of social conservatives and barely a second thought to environmentalism.