Greenpeace lampoons Harper government for ads that greenwash tar sands

Greenpeace Canada has launched a satirical television ad campaign aimed at debunking the Harper government’s campaign to “greenwash” the tar sands.

An NRTEE Conspiracy?

Shared on May 17, 2012 by MsBeautifulRed on YouTube National Roundtable on the Environment CEO David McLaughlin talks about the government shutting down his organization. John Baird told the House of Commons that the Roundtable produced 10 reports calling for a carbon tax, but Mr. McLaughlin says that’s not true, stating the Roundtable produced 3 reports…

Approval of Jasper Development Ignores Public Outcry

Banff, Alberta – Over the objections of almost 200,000 citizens, the federal government has approved the proposed “Brewster Glacier Discovery Walk” in Jasper National Park. Conservation organizations fear that the beauty and integrity of Jasper National Park are being surrendered to commercial interests, opening the door for more for-profit businesses to capitalize on the splendour of Canada‟s most…

Durban climate deal will allow increasing emissions until 2020

While it is encouraging that a path forward now exists for an international agreement on climate change, the deal completed Sunday in Durban, South Africa, will allow greenhouse gas emissions to continue rising until 2020, at which point we may well exceed the tipping point on global warming, Citizens Climate Lobby said Monday.

Canada’s National Statement at COP17

Shared by environmentcan on Dec 7, 2011 DURBAN, South Africa — December 7, 2011 — Canada’s Environment Minister, the Honourable Peter Kent, today issued the following national statement at the COP17. Related articles COP17: Waves of despair, tides of change ( In A Year Of Big Environmental Stories, COP17 Rises Above Them All ( Environment Minister Peter Kent…

Proposed woodland caribou recovery strategy violates SARA

The federal government’s draft woodland caribou recovery strategy — released last week, four years overdue — is illegal and fails on multiple fronts to comply with requirements under the Species at Risk Act, Ecojustice said.