Bees matter, so restricting neonics is the right thing to do

No matter how you feel about Ontario’s proposal to restrict use of neonicotinoid insecticides on corn and soybean crops, we can all agree: bees matter.


Scientists work to solve mystery of dying bees

We need to get a handle on the toxic chemicals we use to grow food. If our practices kill insects and birds that make it possible to grow crops, we’re defeating their purpose and putting ourselves and the rest of nature at risk.

Food Inc.: Win Tickets to Advance Screening in Vancouver

Food, Inc., the acclaimed documentary, reveals shocking truths about the U.S. food industry, where the food supply is controlled by a few powerful corporations.  Why should this matter to Canadians? Profit is often a higher priority to consumer health and Canada is a major importer of American goods — including food.  Pesticides, factory farms, and…

Ontario joins the movement to make lawns and gardens green

Here’s your weekly Science Matters column from the David Suzuki Foundation: March 19, 2009 – The discovery by Swiss chemist Paul Mueller in 1939 that DDT kills insect “pests” was hailed as a breakthrough. Dr. Mueller went on to win a Nobel Prize in 1948 for his work, and DDT became the most widely used…

Ontario’s government announces pesticide ban

Media release from the David Suzuki Foundation: Ontario has set a new standard for protecting citizens and the environment against harmful lawn and garden pesticides. Hundreds of toxic chemicals will be pulled off store shelves by this spring thanks to regulations announced today under the Cosmetic Pesticide Act. “We congratulate the Ontario government for raising the…

Pesticides are what is killing our kids

Rural PEI is an unlikely hotbed of rare cancers, and one doctor has made it his mission to raise awareness about the potential health hazard posed by pesticides used on the region’s potato farms.