Minister John Baird’s coal confusion

Cancun – Environment Minister John Baird is arriving at the UN climate talks confused about what Canada is and is not doing to combat global warming. Leading organizations from across the country are calling on the Canadian government to come clean on misleading claims that Canada has banned coal-fired electricity generation.

Environmental groups oppose Total Joslyn North mine

Edmonton – Environmental groups are challenging a new oil-sands project application that threatens wildlife habitat, is rife with errors and could leave Canadians facing roughly $3-billion in liability.

Coalition calls on panel to reject oil sands mine application

Calgary – The Oil Sands Environmental Coalition — composed of the Pembina Institute, the Toxics Watch Society of Alberta and the Fort McMurray Environmental Association, and represented by Ecojustice — recently filed a submission calling on the Joint Review Panel to reject Total E&P Canada’s Joslyn North Mine Project application due to significant environmental impacts, a deficient environmental assessment and insufficient progress on government regulations to address oil sands environmental impacts.

Capital Power breaks a key promise to Albertans

Edmonton – Environmental groups and landowners have joined forces to block Capital Power’s bid to remove a legal requirement that it offset 50 per cent of the greenhouse gas emissions that are released from the Genesee 3 coal power plant.

Ontario to spend $8 billion on renewable energy

Whitby, ON — The Green Energy Act Alliance, a diverse coalition of Ontario groups committed to furthering green power, celebrated today as the McGuinty government announced nearly 2,500 megawatts (MW) of new renewable energy projects. The news was the latest in a series of announcements related to the new feed-in-tariff program (FIT), which guarantees a…

Pembina’s ideas for improving B.C.’s carbon tax

The B.C. government should strengthen its carbon tax in the 2010 budget, according to a set of recommendations released by the Pembina Institute today. If adopted, the recommendations will ensure more investment, innovation and job creation in low-carbon businesses, while achieving greater greenhouse gas emissions reductions, says the Institute. “B.C. has shown leadership in moving…

Making sense of environmental issues in the B.C. election

Vancouver, May 6 – With the election less than a week away, voters are still struggling to understand the parties’ environmental platforms. What is the difference between cap and trade and the carbon tax? Do party promises constitute real solutions? West Coast Environmental Law and the Pembina Institute have teamed up to offer voters an…

Oil Sands Threaten Water Resources in Alberta, NWT

Current water management practices cannot protect water in northern Alberta and the Northwest Territories from the impacts of oil sands development, according to a new report by the Pembina Institute.

Alberta’s Green Energy Future

Media release from the Pembina Institute: January 14, 2009 – Alberta’s growing demand for electricity can be entirely met by tapping into the province’s vast renewable energy resources, thus painting Alberta’s brown electricity supply system green and creating new jobs and opportunities in the clean energy industries of the future. The Pembina Institute report, Greening…