Evergreen Brick Works: 6th Annual Seedy Sunday

Seed exchange and gardening workshops at Evergreen Brick Works.

Living Green Expo 2013

Discover Sustainable Healthy Living in Ottawa at The Living Green Expo, presented by the Ottawa Convention Centre.

Fresh from the Farm

Come out for a three-course meal, a specially created amuse bouche, botanically infused cocktails – all featuring locally grown BC products, and all for a good cause!

Sexy farmers and the end of organic?

Eating organic isn’t good enough. It’s becoming better to buy locally, know where your food comes from and befriend farmers. A report from the Guelph Organic Conference…

It’s David vs. Goliath in organics

From his small farm in the heart of Ontario’s Mennonite country, Wolfgang Pfenning is doing his best to fend off the wave of organic produce coming into Canada from California and what is being called “the pathology of bigness.”