Ontario stalls in conserving transportation fuels

Environmental Commissioner says the Ministry of Energy should lose responsibility for conservation because of its inaction on transportation fuels.

Ontario needs to get ready for climate change: Gord Miller

The Commissioner’s report says the government must improve its strategic plan by prioritizing the actions that are needed, setting specific targets and timelines, identifying dedicated funding, and outlining the responsibilities of key government ministries.

Ontario Has a Long Way to Go on Climate Change

Toronto – The Ontario government will not, with its current programs, meet its targets for reducing greenhouse gases (GHGs). This is just one conclusion from the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario’s recently released 2011 Greenhouse Gas Progress Report.

Ontario goes solar

The Ontario government has given approval for a California company to construct a massive solar “farm” near Sarnia that will blanket an area larger than all three Toronto islands with hundreds of thousands of sun-soaking panels. Read the full article… Related articles Ontario Struggles with Solar Boom (technologyreview.com) Solar power interest grows in Ontario (cbc.ca)…