David Suzuki: Oil prices drop as global warming rises

With oil prices plunging to below $50, the consequences of a petro-fuelled economy are hitting home.

Keith Stewart vs. Ron Liepert

Listen to the full Keystone XL pipeline debate on the CBC’s The Current. Keith Stewart is the Climate and Energy campaign coordinator for Greenpeace Canada. Ron Liepert is a Senior Advisor for the Canadian Strategy Group. He’s also Alberta’s former Energy Minister and he’s nominated to be a candidate for the Federal Conservative Party. Keith…

Unprecedented global protests challenge Canada’s oilsands

More than 50 protests in over 20 countries this weekend will dramatically escalate the growing controversy about the global and local impacts of Canadian tar sands on community health, Canada’s Boreal forest, and the global climate.

Groups call for removal of Bruce Carson from Tar Sands panel

Edmonton – Following the launch of an RCMP investigation into Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s former senior policy advisor Bruce Carson, Alberta environmental and Indigenous groups are calling for the immediate and permanent removal of Carson from the provincial tar sands water monitoring panel.

Statoil sells interests in Alberta’s tar sands

Edmonton – After two years of cross-Atlantic campaigning by Greenpeace against Statoil’s tar sands investments, Statoil today announced it is selling 40 per cent of its interests in the Alberta tar sands project in Canada.

Northern Alberta residents learn to sample air quality near tar sands

Edmonton – Growing criticism of the Stelmach government’s and the oil industry’s air quality monitoring in communities near tar-sands operations has spurred residents from the Peace and Athabasca regions to take matters into their own hands, attending independent training workshops to arm themselves with answers to the ongoing health issues plaguing their communities.

Greenpeace calls for postponing Total’s tar sands proposal

Edmonton – Greenpeace is asking provincial and federal governments to postpone hearings on Total’s proposed new tar sands mine. The move follows the announcement this week of a federal scientific panel to study the tar sands effects on water, and calls by First Nation leaders and Hollywood Director James Cameron for a moratorium.

The Stephen Harper War on Climate Science

A news scoop by Mitchell Anderson of DeSmogBlog:  VANCOUVER, May 11, 2009 — The government of Prime Minster Stephen Harper just appointed two “climate skeptics” with connections to the oil industry to important federal scientific bodies. The scientific community is appalled. Mark Mullins, Executive Director of the right wing Fraser Institute has just been installed…

Alberta crude may be too dirty, U.S. law says

Alberta’s oil sands are taking a hit from new U.S. energy legislation passed last month that has an unusual wrinkle suggesting that Canadian crude might be too dirty for the U.S. government. The legislation won’t allow any U.S. federal agencies to buy vehicle fuel derived from non-conventional sources unless the life cycle of its greenhouse-gas…

Stelmach Goes to Washington; Controversial Kearl Tar Sands Project Goes to Court

While Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach is in Washington this week seeking to assure Americans that there are no environmental problems associated with dirty tar sands development, Canadian environmental organizations are going to court tomorrow to challenge a massive tar sands operation north of Fort McMurray, Alberta. Imperial Oil’s proposed Kearl Tar Sands project includes an…