Welcome Vision for Provincial Oil Sands Strategy

Sierra Club of Canada welcomes the report released today from the Alberta Government convened multi-stakeholder committee on a vision for oil sands development in the province. Read full media release…

The greening of the oil sands

Thursday at lunchtime, it’s 4 Celsius outside Robert Mansell’s office at the University of Calgary, right in line with the balmy January temperatures straight across Canada, from Vancouver to Halifax.

Dion challenges oilpatch

If elected prime minister, he would deliver long-sought tax breaks to the industry, but only if energy projects produce close to zero greenhouse-gas emissions.

Shell CEO berates America for spurning Kyoto

The chief executive for Shell berated Washington on Monday for spurning the United Nation’s Kyoto agreement on global warming, saying U.S. backing for a global regulatory framework would create incentives for oil companies to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Nuclear power pushed for oil sands production

The much-touted potential for Canada’s oil sands to offset projected declines in North American oil production remains highly questionable because of constraints on natural gas production and environmental problems, a group of Swedish industry experts concludes in a new report.

A delicate balance in a delicate place

Public regulatory hearings begin today to examine the impact of the proposed Mackenzie Valley pipeline on the environment and people of the Northwest Territories, and prime mover Imperial Oil isn’t even sure the $7.5-billion effort is worth it. DAVE EBNER reports