Nuclear waste repository on hold for Saugeen Ojibway Nation review

The environmental assessment process for a proposed Deep Geologic Repository for nuclear waste has been halted until the Saugeen Ojibway Nation has made an informed decision on whether or not to support the project.

Catching up with Ontario’s Green Future network caught up with Jack Gibbons, Chair, Ontario Clean Air Alliance. What is Ontario’s Green Future and how did it come about? Ontario’s Green Future is the vision of the Ontario Clean Air Alliance.  We are working to ensure that 100% of Ontario’s need for grid-supplied electricity can be provided by renewable energy by…

Amory Lovins Q&A on Nuclear Power

The Star recently had the opportunity to speak with Lovins at his office in Snowmass, Colorado. Listen to the podcast or view the text version below.

Nuclear power pushed for oil sands production

The much-touted potential for Canada’s oil sands to offset projected declines in North American oil production remains highly questionable because of constraints on natural gas production and environmental problems, a group of Swedish industry experts concludes in a new report.

Clean-air group blasts nuclear proposal

TORONTO — An Ontario government agency that is forecasting electricity shortages and recommends spending billions on new nuclear stations has made questionable assumptions in producing its dire outlook, a major environmental group says.

Green group says nuclear cost underestimated

An environmental group says Ontario’s power authority has underestimated the costs and risks of the province going more nuclear. The Ontario Clean Air Alliance also says the authority has under-valued options such as renewable power and energy conservation.