Stressed at work? Add a daily dose of green

Does regular time in nature make you calmer? More alert? Happier? Let’s all get into the nature habit. It can make our lives better.

David Suzuki: Big-picture thinking needed to protect nature

Before we take from nature to create wealth and employment, we should first consider what must be retained to sustain both wildlife and the well-being of local communities, such as clean air, safe drinking water and healthy local food.

Live Owl Show, March 3, 2013

Live owls will be presented by educators from the Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society (O.W.L.), which specializes in the rehabilitation of injured or orphaned birds of prey.

To nurture our kids, with nature

In this exclusive sneak peek from EcoParent magazine, Environmental Defence executive director, Rick Smith, makes the case for nature-based learning.

Woven Wire Roll-Up

Keen on conservation? Join the on Thursday, September 15 to tear-down and roll-up a woven fence inhibiting wildlife movement near Penhold, Alberta.

Wildflower Seed and Sow

Join the Nature Conservancy of Canada on Saturday, August 20 to harvest seeds from native Gumweed and Golden Aster, help restore the native grassland community.