Healing a Hurt Land

The Haida Nation and Nature Conservancy of Canada partner to protect culturally and ecologically significant lands on the Kumdis Estuary.

High-tech conservation

In recent years there have been huge advances in the technology of field-based inventory and mapping. For NCC in BC, all field based inventory and mapping is now completed using the common iPad.

Video: A conservation gathering at BC’s Quamichan wetlands

Shared by: Nature Conservancy of Canada – A group of over 30 Conservation Volunteers and staff from Habitat Acquisition Trust, Cowichan Land Trust, Parks Canada, Quamichan Watershed Stewardship Society, Cowichan Young Naturalists Club, Canada World Youth, Saanich Native Plant Nursery and the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) recently joined forces to continue restoration efforts at Quamichan wetlands…

The Sandy Point Legacy Project

Nature Conservancy Canada – Sandy Point was at one time the largest settlement on the west coast of Newfoundland, reaching its population peak of 750 residents in the mid-19th century.

Conserving Habitat in Rice Lake Plains

The Nature Conservancy of Canada and the Government of Canada have announced the conservation of the Hazel Bird Nature Reserve in central Ontario’s Rice Lake Plains.

Wildflower Seed and Sow

Join the Nature Conservancy of Canada on Saturday, August 20 to harvest seeds from native Gumweed and Golden Aster, help restore the native grassland community.