New report assesses implications of UNDRIP on water governance in Canada

Canada’s plan to implement the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples will require substantial changes in how we make decisions affecting water.

Alberta Utilities Commission faces court challenge over Milner coal plant expansion

Calgary – Ecojustice and the Pembina Institute are taking the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) to court over its decision to grant Maxim Power Corp’s coal plant expansion interim approval without a public hearing.  As the AUC itself made clear, the expedited approval was given in a blatant attempt to beat the federal government’s deadline for new […]

Weak assessment laws put Canada at risk: Ecojustice

Ottawa – Federal law must require assessment of worst-case scenarios such as nuclear meltdowns, offshore oil spills and tar-sands tailing dam breaches says Ecojustice, a Canadian not-for-profit environmental law group.

Photography Laws

In an attempt to better understand the laws of photography, Tyler Hutcheon endeavoured to investigate the laws that apply to photographers. Specifically, Tyler was looking for the laws that applied to non-commercial photographers in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The applicable laws may vary by city, province and country. Note that this is not legal advice, and…