David Suzuki: IPCC report is clear and we must clean up our act

Will we take advantage of clean energy and conservation or remain stuck in the old way of just blindly burning our way through?

Attacks on climate change science hinder solutions

Resolving the problem of climate change will cost, but it will be much more expensive to follow the defeatist advice of industry shills, whose greed and lack of care for humanity will condemn our children and grandchildren to an uncertain future.

Pembina’s ideas for improving B.C.’s carbon tax

The B.C. government should strengthen its carbon tax in the 2010 budget, according to a set of recommendations released by the Pembina Institute today. If adopted, the recommendations will ensure more investment, innovation and job creation in low-carbon businesses, while achieving greater greenhouse gas emissions reductions, says the Institute. “B.C. has shown leadership in moving…