Video: Solid wood passive house – 90% more energy efficient

The Symonds Passive House is 90% more energy efficient, solar powered and built out of solid wood (cross-laminated timber) and one of the most beautiful super energy efficient homes we’ve seen at Green Energy Futures.

Open House at REEP House for Sustainable Living

REEP House for Sustainable Living is open to the public on a drop-in basis every Saturday. Drop in and experience REEP’s super-insulated, water-wise century brick home and education centre.

Healthy Families, Healthy Planet Report

Calgary’s first Healthy Families, Healthy Planet Report will be released on Saturday April 10th by REAP, Calgary’s only sustainable business association. “Regularly, I receive inquiries from concerned parents asking for information about how to detoxify their homes,” says Stephanie Jackman, the president of REAP.  “This report is our response – providing people with relevant information…

The Now House project

The Now House™ project will turn a 60-year-old WWII house into a near zero energy home—one that produces almost as much energy as it uses. By reducing the energy use and greenhouse gas emissions of one wartime home in Toronto, we are developing a model that can be applied to similar houses that are scattered…

JMH Home Environmental Solutions

JMH Home Environmental Solutions offers a proactive approach for the health of your home by identifying potential exposure to toxins and problem areas within your home. For each client, one or more environmental home assessments are carried out, with any findings presented in a detailed report containing extensive analysis of the findings, mitigation suggestions, alternative…