Citizens Climate Lobby proposes Save Our Climate Act in US

As the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions grows more evident each week, Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL), a US-based group, welcomed the introduction of Rep. Pete Stark’s (D-CA) Save Our Climate Act as a critical step in efforts to stop the worst effects of climate change south of the border. “We’re running out of time…

Alberta Utilities Commission faces court challenge over Milner coal plant expansion

Calgary – Ecojustice and the Pembina Institute are taking the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) to court over its decision to grant Maxim Power Corp’s coal plant expansion interim approval without a public hearing.  As the AUC itself made clear, the expedited approval was given in a blatant attempt to beat the federal government’s deadline for new […]

Ontario Has a Long Way to Go on Climate Change

Toronto – The Ontario government will not, with its current programs, meet its targets for reducing greenhouse gases (GHGs). This is just one conclusion from the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario’s recently released 2011 Greenhouse Gas Progress Report.

Arctic melting faster than predicted: Sea levels to rise

Sea levels could rise up to 5 feet by the end of this century, driven by warming in the Arctic and the resulting melt of snow and ice, according to a new study by the International Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program (AMAP). This is more than two and a half times higher than the 2007 projection of a half to two feet by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Capital Power breaks a key promise to Albertans

Edmonton – Environmental groups and landowners have joined forces to block Capital Power’s bid to remove a legal requirement that it offset 50 per cent of the greenhouse gas emissions that are released from the Genesee 3 coal power plant.

New Brunswick Climate Change Hub

The New Brunswick Climate Change Hub facilitates the exchange of ideas, information, and resources between government, private sector and community-based organizations engaged in climate change.

Welcome to the New Climate

Climate change is no longer a vague threat. A new Globe polls finds that 4 out of 5 Canadians say they’ve seen it first-hand. Read the Globe’s Full Report…

Read the writing on the wall

A few weeks ago, I did some junk science ? as the Bush/Harper people used to call studies about global warming. Rick Salutin’s take on global warming…

Environment top priority, PM says

In a year-end interview, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said today that the environment is now among his top priorities and signalled that he will make major improvements to the much-maligned clean air plan he tabled this fall.

Dion challenges oilpatch

If elected prime minister, he would deliver long-sought tax breaks to the industry, but only if energy projects produce close to zero greenhouse-gas emissions.

Shell CEO berates America for spurning Kyoto

The chief executive for Shell berated Washington on Monday for spurning the United Nation’s Kyoto agreement on global warming, saying U.S. backing for a global regulatory framework would create incentives for oil companies to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Harper ‘twiddling his thumbs’ on climate change: Graham

Interim Liberal Leader Bill Graham and Bloc Qu?b?cois Leader Gilles Duceppe accused Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Thursday of “twiddling his thumbs” on climate change as a majority of Canadians say their concerns about the environment continue to increase.

Canada on the Hot Seat

International climate negotiations under the auspices of the United Nations start today in Nairobi, Kenya. While these talks are crucial to avoiding catastrophic climate change, Canada?s delegation arrives with a weak track record and a discredited plan for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.