Green Party Leader Elizabeth May talks Orcas, Right Whales & #Stopkm on Skaana Podcast

Canadian federal Green Party leader, Elizabeth May (@ElizabethMay), talks to Mark Leiren-Young about saving orcas and right whales; stopping Kinder Morgan and Bilcon and Canada’s toothless endangered species laws on the latest episode of the Skaana podcast. “All whales matter. All cetaceans matter. All life matters.” “The most endangered whale species in Canada is the…

In the 905, guilt nurtures Greens

Conventional wisdom would have us believe that there are urban politics and suburban politics, and that, between the two, the Green party is more appealing to the downtown crowd. But some surprising new polling by Harris/Decima is turning that assumption on its head. In its two most recent surveys of party preference in the GTA,…

Turner to help Greens

Elizabeth May’s pitch to become the first Green party MP has received a boost from Commons’ bad boy Garth Turner, who intends to campaign for her today in London.

Greens woo ousted MP Turner

Could Garth Turner, the ejected Conservative from Halton, be the first Green party MP in the House of Commons?