Government of the people, by the corporations, for the corporations – Science Matters

In 2008, economics student Tim DeChristopher went to an auction set up by the Bush administration for the oil and gas industry. He bid $1.8 million for the right to…

Shrinking environmental monitoring budgets in Alberta

Image by ItzaFineDay via Flickr Edmonton – On the eve of a verdict in the Syncrude trial into the 2008 deaths of 1,606 ducks on one of its tailings ponds, Greenpeace released three graphs showing that the Alberta government has consistently cut the province’s environmental enforcement and monitoring budget, while consistently boosting public relations spending….

Green Manitoba

Green Manitoba, an agency of the Government of Manitoba, strives to create “a greener and cleaner Manitoba” by bringing together “all partners to achieve more than if each acted alone.” Green Manitoba delivers programs to foster environmental innovation and community development. This includes community-based approaches to promote waste reduction and the efficient use of water…

EAC Seeks to Rescue Province’s Floundering Climate Change Agenda

Image by Martin Cathrae via Flickr Lifejacket, Bailer and Best Practice Documents Offered to Premier Halifax – The Ecology Action Centre says the provincial government’s climate change agenda is in need of emergency assistance. The EAC is throwing a lifejacket to the Premier of Nova Scotia and providing a pail full of solutions that the…

Our Green Strategy

Saskatchewan people have always had a deep connection to the land, and its role in supporting life and livelihood, and their government is therefore committed to addressing the challenges of climate change to ensure long-term sustainability.