New report: Smart from Sunrise To Sunset

A report that alerts the general public and decision makers to the ability of the Smart Grid to change how they think about electricity.

Ontario needs to get ready for climate change: Gord Miller

The Commissioner’s report says the government must improve its strategic plan by prioritizing the actions that are needed, setting specific targets and timelines, identifying dedicated funding, and outlining the responsibilities of key government ministries.

Ontario Energy Board putting up barriers to energy conservation

Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner says the province’s energy regulator is putting up barriers to increased energy conservation. This is just one of the conclusions from his recently released Annual Energy Conservation Progress Report – 2010 (Volume One), Managing a Complex Energy System.

Ontario Has a Long Way to Go on Climate Change

Toronto – The Ontario government will not, with its current programs, meet its targets for reducing greenhouse gases (GHGs). This is just one conclusion from the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario’s recently released 2011 Greenhouse Gas Progress Report.

Environmental Commissioner wants your energy stories

Toronto – Ontario’s Environment Commissioner, Gord Miller, wants to learn more about the barriers and incentives you’ve experienced when conserving energy in Ontario. He’s created a new website for Ontarians to report their pleasure or frustration with energy conservation initiatives. The  Green Energy and Green Economy Act, passed in spring 2009, mandates the Environmental Commissioner…