David Suzuki: Global warming deniers get more desperate by the day

It’s time to shift attention from those who sow doubt and confusion, to those who want to address a real, serious problem.

Attacks on climate change science hinder solutions

Resolving the problem of climate change will cost, but it will be much more expensive to follow the defeatist advice of industry shills, whose greed and lack of care for humanity will condemn our children and grandchildren to an uncertain future.

KYOTOplus: Change Canadian Policy to Adopt Kyoto Protocol

A petition by the Council of Canadians for politicians to support the 2nd phase of the Kyoto Protocol this December 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark: KYOTOplus: Climate Action Now!  Petition Faced with climate change and diminishing resources globally, we are at a critical juncture for energy policy. Now, more than ever, we need a Canadian Energy…