Incinerating trash is a waste of resources

Many urban areas have built or are considering building waste-incineration facilities to generate energy. At first glance, it seems like a win-win. You get rid of "garbage" and acquire a new energy source with fuel that’s almost free. But it’s a problematic solution, and a complicated issue.

Concerned Citizens Launch Zero Waste BC

Kamloops, BC – Today a network of citizens groups and public interest organizations will hold the inaugural meeting of the new Zero Waste BC Network in order to coordinate efforts to fight waste incinerators that have been proposed throughout BC. Last week a proposed incineration facility was opposed by a vote of 9 – 0 by…

The religious war on bottled water

Bottled water has never gone down smoothly with many environmentalists, who view it as an extravagantly wasteful way of quenching a thirst, but the product is facing criticism from an unexpected source ? religious groups.

Where will our garbage go?

A deal to secure peace with Michigan over unwanted shipments of Ontario’s household trash means citizens