Acts of greenies and meanies

If I were the environment, I’d be ticked off at Stephen Harper. Not for abusing me, for using me. What I mean is: It is now standard for neo-conservative governments to gesture in the direction of the environment while maintaining an underlying contempt.

Greenhouse Gas Emitters Exposed

As the federal government rolls out its clean air and climate change package, Environmental Defence and the Canadian Environmental Law Association have released the most comprehensive publicly accessible online ranking and tracking of large industrial greenhouse gas emitters across Canada .

PM plans ‘intensity’ alternative to Kyoto

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Tuesday that greenhouse-gas targets in the federal government’s new environmental policy will be ?intensity-based,? a system that effectively scuttles Canada’s commitments under the Kyoto Protocol.

Message to Harper: Take a page from Terminator not Dubya

Sierra Club of Canada is calling on the federal government to follow the example of California?s Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and bring together political leaders from all parties to address the climate crisis without the trappings of partisan politics.

Green retailer doubles its wind power commitment

Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC), Canada’s largest outdoor clothing and equipment retailer, has renewed its commitment to the environment by making its Alberta stores 100% emissions free. This year, MEC has doubled its wind power purchase