Read the writing on the wall

A few weeks ago, I did some junk science ? as the Bush/Harper people used to call studies about global warming. Rick Salutin’s take on global warming…

Environment top priority, PM says

In a year-end interview, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said today that the environment is now among his top priorities and signalled that he will make major improvements to the much-maligned clean air plan he tabled this fall.

Dion challenges oilpatch

If elected prime minister, he would deliver long-sought tax breaks to the industry, but only if energy projects produce close to zero greenhouse-gas emissions.

Harper ‘twiddling his thumbs’ on climate change: Graham

Interim Liberal Leader Bill Graham and Bloc Qu?b?cois Leader Gilles Duceppe accused Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Thursday of “twiddling his thumbs” on climate change as a majority of Canadians say their concerns about the environment continue to increase.

Canada on the Hot Seat

International climate negotiations under the auspices of the United Nations start today in Nairobi, Kenya. While these talks are crucial to avoiding catastrophic climate change, Canada?s delegation arrives with a weak track record and a discredited plan for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

UN climate conference opens in Nairobi

Facing rising temperatures and flagging efforts to control greenhouse gases, thousands of delegates from around the world opened a UN conference Monday on next steps to ward off the worst effects of climate change.

Tories deliver clean-air plan

The Conservatives released the centrepiece of their ?made-in-Canada? environment agenda Thursday ? a Clean Air Act that would cut greenhouse gas emissions in half, but not until 2050.

Most provinces still failing on global warming

Most provinces persist in doing little or nothing to address global warming, says a new David Suzuki Foundation analysis of provincial climate change plans. And they?re not getting the push they need from the federal government.

No Clean Air Act, yet

The proposed Clean Air Act at best contributes little to reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, and at worst could undermine federal authority and risk being unconstitutional, says a team of environmental lawyers.