High-tech conservation

In recent years there have been huge advances in the technology of field-based inventory and mapping. For NCC in BC, all field based inventory and mapping is now completed using the common iPad.

David Suzuki: Will thorium save us from climate change?

All nuclear power remains expensive, unwieldy and difficult to integrate with intermittent renewables – and carries risks for weapons proliferation. But if the choice is between keeping nuclear power facilities running or shutting them down and replacing them with coal-fired power plants, the nuclear option is best for the climate.

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Matt Mullenweg @ Northern Voice 2008

Northern Voice 2008 Originally uploaded by thegreenpages Matt Mullenweg is the 24 year old founder of WordPress, an open source blogging and content management software. He was the keynote speaker this morning at the Northern Voice blogging conference in Vancouver. Click here to link to the complete un-edited audio of his presentation. (thanks to Robert Ouimet…